Caribbean Island Abstracts

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Whenever we come to a new Caribbean island in our cruising I like to go into town, or wherever, alone - and draw.  As an artist I am very interested in the colours of the Caribbean and try to use those that I see in my art.  This is great fun for me, plus it results in a happy positive image.  


Each symbol and colour that I use stands for something and is placed where it is consciously.  For example - the figure 8s in the sky of Isle d Saintes, Guadaloupe, French West Indies, stand for immortality.  The downward facing triangles are the symbol for woman while the upward facing triangles are the symbol for man.  Anywhere you see yellow indicates creativity and action.  There was great activity in the stores, painted yellow, and on the sidewalks where the vendors had set up their stalls.


The trees below were deep in the rainforest in Dominica.  Their colors really resounded to me.


At Discovery Bay Hotel in Marigot, St Lucia, below the scene is much more mellow with palms  and great tents set up for refreshments.

In the Pitons, above, there is a mavelous old plantation by the name of Jalousie - It is absolutley incredable because there is a gigantic Piton on each side.  The beach is lovely with its straw unbrellas and beach chairs.  The mountain in back is very male thus in the symbols there are upward triangles and arrows, the signs for maleness.  Likewise everything moves upward using the colours of red (action), green (health), and gold (treasures within)  The smaller mountain is female as indicated by downward pointing triangles, hearts (love) and serpants (regeneration and rebirth).  


In the drawing below I featured a small restaurant where Dave and I had lunch in Bequia, Grenadines, St. Vincent.  There was a large tree (health, growth and rebirth) in the middle with several smaller fruit trees (regeneration and seasons) growing on the patio.  The stone walls in the islands are all masterpieces of art.  Most of the stone masons hail from either St. Lucia or St. Vincent.  Their work is highly prized and as beautiful as the newer ones are, nothing can compare to the walls that are several hundred years old.

2 Trees-colored-small 6 trees-colored-small